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Digital Qur'an is a research based Qur'an software aimed to provide Mathematical and statistical analysis of the Holy Qur'an with easy to use command based navigation system and powerful search engine with many search techniques including simple search, similarity search, numerical search, statistical search and relational search.

Digital Qur'an is re-written from scratch to remove performance bottlenecks in QuranCode and aimed to offer all features of QuranCode while balancing Memory & CPU utilization. Digital Qur'an is built on Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and will uses WPF for Presentation Layer.

Additional features of Digital Qur'an will be:

  • Easy to use Responsive User Interface with minimal controls visible on screen
  • Dynamic loading of required data only on run-time
  • Support for extensions written in High level dynamic programming language (IronPython)

Project is still under development

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